The company SpeCo DOO was established in 2013 with only one goal, to recognize the needs of clients and offer the most optimal logistics solutions with professional dedication, innovation, efficient organization, respecting corporate values ​​and social responsibility.

Mission SpeCo DOO,
is to make it easier for clients to do business through the optimization of integrated logistics processes, with the constant dedication and work motivation of our employees.
Vision SpeCo DOO
By understanding the needs and expectations of our partners, continuously improving the quality of our services, along with logistics infrastructure, respecting recognized standards, applicable laws and regulations from our business, SpeCo DOO strives to take the leading position in the region. We encourage all employees to do their best work for the first time, each time and in time, and strive for continuous improvement of the quality of services with the professional dedication of the service user.
Politics SpeCo DOO
With the application of an effective and efficient quality management system, compliance with the latest laws and regulations from our branch, with constant review of the needs of our partners, we create the conditions for constant improvement of the offers of our services, with flexibility and professional dedication, open dialogue and closeness with the clients and suppliers, we recognize risks to business and proactive actions to reduce their impact on the company and the environment itself, we build strong partnerships based on mutual trust and fulfillment of the requirements of the partners.

Employees are the most valuable asset of SpeCo DOO, permanent education and acquiring new knowledge, we maintain and raise the competence and competence to the highest level, and increase the awareness and responsibility of all employees.
SpeCo DOO takes care of the environment, and for the sake of sustainable development.
SpeCo DOO will achieve its quality policies and goals by establishing an effective and efficient quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015



Management of SPECO d.o.o. Belgrade has opted for an environmental protection policy that will ensure adequate control of the impact of our processes, products and services on the improvement of the environment.

The goals of our environmental protection policy are oriented towards:
• identifying and bringing under control all harmful effects on the environment that occur or may occur;
• informing customers about the safe use of all our services;
• adequate development of the process, in order to minimize the impact on the environment and the amount of harmful waste when using and disposing of materials;
• increasing efficiency, saving resources and energy and reducing the organization’s operating costs;

We will achieve the set goals of our environmental protection policy:
• consistent implementation of an environmental protection management system that corresponds to the type, scope and impact of our processes and services on the environment.
• performing service and other activities in accordance with the appropriate legal and other regulations on environmental protection and other requirements that we have agreed with.
• by implementing professional education programs and continuously encouraging all employees, we will create the necessary conditions for continuous improvement of the environment.
• identifying potential cases of danger, their prevention, as well as reacting in those cases.
• consider the opinions and suggestions of all interested parties and take appropriate measures in order to improve environmental protection.

By constantly reviewing the suitability, efficiency and effectiveness of the environmental protection management system, the management will continuously monitor the implementation of the environmental protection policy.
This environmental protection policy is published in all business areas
SPECO d.o.o. Belgrade
With this environmental protection policy, we inform our business partners and all other interested parties about our commitment to environmental protection.


Statement on social responsibility of SPECO D.O.O. Belgrade

1. The company has ensured freedom of association and free choice of workers’ representatives who negotiate on their behalf about working conditions.

2. The company fully implements the provisions of the Labor Law, especially those related to harassment and abuse at work (mobbing), and applies the Rulebook on the rules of behavior of employers and employees in connection with the prevention and protection against abuse at work, which is brought in the company. The company has established rules related to discrimination in its Work Regulations. A Code of Conduct has also been established that shows clear and understandable guidelines in implementing the company’s values and principles in every place where the company operates.
3. The company has adopted the provisions of the explicit prohibition of child labor.
4. The company established job performance ratings of all employees based on the following criteria:
– Scope of completed works
– The quality of the work performed
– Execution of work within established deadlines
– Effective use of working time
– Attitudes towards work and work duties
– Savings in material costs
– Relations with means of work
In compliance with all provisions related to financial compensation related to vacations and absences, paid and unpaid absences, for wages and salary allowances and other incomes, all in accordance with the regulations and laws of the Republic of Serbia.
5. According to the Labor Law of the Republic of Serbia, the company prescribed that full-time work is 40 hours per week, the working week lasts 5 days, and ensured that human resources are managed in such a way that there is no overtime.
6. The company defined in its rules and regulations that forced labor and disciplinary measures are not allowed.
7. The company undertakes to:
– Fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations related to the protection of health and safety at work
– Takes into account the nature and level of risk in protecting the health and safety of the organization
– Determines the framework for setting and reviewing general and specific goals for health and safety at work
8. The company has defined its Environmental Protection Policy, within which it undertakes to:
– Constantly identifies and reviews the needs and requirements of users and creates conditions for improving environmental protection
– Fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations related to environmental protection
– He takes care of the preservation of the environment, with the aim of sustainable development
– Determines the framework for setting and reviewing general and special environmental protection goals and
– Acts responsibly towards the environment:
o Using resources responsibly
o respecting ecological standards
o educating employees and subcontractors regarding environmental protection
9. The company has defined all elements for social responsibility in the Rules of Procedure. The organization takes care of ethics in business and thus applies and respects ethical principles in all business activities.
It develops moral norms as well as the moral evaluation of each individual in our company, all employees, as the most important resource, should feel safe and benefit from work while respecting the individuality of each individual and actively promoting teamwork.

10. The company has defined the prohibition of corruption in the Work Regulations, all employees are obliged to contribute to the performance of the organization’s business activities in the spirit of business ethics, good business practices and principles of conscientiousness and honesty, where the following principles are respected:
– Keeping business secrets
– Protection of confidential data
– Prohibition of using confidential data for personal interests
– Prohibition of bribery
– Prohibition of using official position for personal interests
– The principle of conscientiousness and honesty
– The principle of personal responsibility
11. The company has defined responsibility towards the market and consumers through:
 transparency of business practices and availability of relevant information about the company’s operations
 rejection of any form of corruption, giving or receiving bribes
 rejection of any type of monopolistic association, unfair competition and unethical pricing
 support for the development of the supply chain
 knowledge and technology transfer
12. The company behaves responsibly towards the social community:
– respecting initiatives at the local level (health, assistance to socially disadvantaged groups, infrastructure development, etc.)
– developing intersectoral partnerships in order to improve social development
– supporting the cultural development of the local community
– supporting the further education of young talents from the local community
Previous social responsibility goals of SPECO D.O.O. BELGRADE applies by complying with national laws and regulations and the prescribed acts of the company: Rulebook on the systematization of workplaces, Rulebook on work, Employment contracts, Applying the calculation of wages and receiving workers according to the accounting and tax laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia, Observance of the Quality System Policy, Life Protection Policy environment, safety and health policies at work, applying the requirements of  Smeta SEDEX -4 pillar and the code of conduct together with the Conditions of Application, through defined procedures and work instructions.


We are fully committed to superior health protection in all segments of our business system.
In practice, we consistently implement the principle of the maximum possible protection of health and safety at work, both for our employees, as well as for our business partners and all other interested parties.

By establishing, consistently implementing and constantly improving the occupational health and safety management system, SPECO D.O.O. BELGRADE provides healthy and safe workplaces, striving towards a zero level of risk for employees, contractors and visitors.

For the efficient and effective functioning of the occupational health and safety management system of SPECO D.O.O. Belgrade:
• Consistent application of all relevant laws and other regulations, as minimum requirements for establishing a health and safety management system at work;
• Provides information, instructions, provides necessary resources, supervision and training to employees;
• Encourages employees to act preventively in order to reduce risks in the workplace by
acceptable level;
• Provides and maintains safe facilities, conditions and equipment for work, in order to represent
minimal risk to the health and safety of employees;
• Acts preventively and applies measures to overcome emergency situations;
• Promotes measures and principles of safety and health at work towards all third parties and gives
advantage to those contractors who apply the same;
• Measures and improves performance that may affect employee health and safety;
• Includes occupational safety and health measures and strategy in the annual business planning process in terms of review and provision of necessary resources in order to prevent and promote safe working conditions.

We demonstrate our commitment to achieving realistic goals in health protection and increasing safety at work by providing ergonomic working conditions and building a pleasant working atmosphere in business, thereby realizing the prerequisites for the full commitment of employees to the responsible and safe performance of all executive business processes.

Through the continuous education of employees, through specialist training, we raise the level of their knowledge and awareness, and thus the responsibility for quality performance of business activities. By preserving and improving the quality of the working environment, we strive to spread and improve the safety and health culture as much as possible.