The company SpeCo DOO was established in 2013 with only one goal, to recognize the needs of clients and offer the most optimal logistics solutions with professional dedication, innovation, efficient organization, respecting corporate values ​​and social responsibility.

Mission SpeCo DOO,
is to make it easier for clients to do business through the optimization of integrated logistics processes, with the constant dedication and work motivation of our employees.
Vision SpeCo DOO
By understanding the needs and expectations of our partners, continuously improving the quality of our services, along with logistics infrastructure, respecting recognized standards, applicable laws and regulations from our business, SpeCo DOO strives to take the leading position in the region. We encourage all employees to do their best work for the first time, each time and in time, and strive for continuous improvement of the quality of services with the professional dedication of the service user.
Politics SpeCo DOO
With the application of an effective and efficient quality management system, compliance with the latest laws and regulations from our branch, with constant review of the needs of our partners, we create the conditions for constant improvement of the offers of our services, with flexibility and professional dedication, open dialogue and closeness with the clients and suppliers, we recognize risks to business and proactive actions to reduce their impact on the company and the environment itself, we build strong partnerships based on mutual trust and fulfillment of the requirements of the partners.

Employees are the most valuable asset of SpeCo DOO, permanent education and acquiring new knowledge, we maintain and raise the competence and competence to the highest level, and increase the awareness and responsibility of all employees.
SpeCo DOO takes care of the environment, and for the sake of sustainable development.
SpeCo DOO will achieve its quality policies and goals by establishing an effective and efficient quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015